Policies & Procedures

Minimum Orders

There is a minimum order of $75 for will-call orders.  We have been known to make exceptions on smaller orders for vendors, or on certain rental items.

When to Reserve

If your event is during our busy season from May to October, we recommend reserving at least six months prior to the needed date to ensure availability.

How to Reserve

We recommend setting up an appointment with us to view our inventory in person.  We are by appointment only.  We are located at 205 N. Phoenix Rd, inside the Shoppes at Exit 24, Suite N.  If you would like to make an appointment to view our inventory, please contact us through our contact form, making sure to include your preferred day and time for an appointment.  Weekdays around 11 typically work best for us, but we do have some flexibility.

If you are an out of town client, or do not need to come by to view our inventory, we welcome reservations made online.  Once you have browsed our inventory online and have decided which items you would like to rent, simply email us a list of your requested items through our contact form.  Make sure to include the quantity desired for each item.  If you would like a quote for delivery, please include the address of your event, your preferred drop off and pick up day/time.  Once we receive your reservation request, and confirm availability, we will send you a custom proposal, including your reservation details, payment options, and our contract via our online portal.  If any items requested are not available for your event, we will contact you to discuss alternatives.


A 50% nonrefundable deposit and a signed contract is required for all reservations. Final payment is due one month prior to your event.  We will send a reminder that the balance of your reservation is due.  You may pay your balance online, or by check.  A 100% nonrefundable deposit is required for all reservations made within one month of the event date, and for all reservations that are less than $100.

Picture Perfect Waiver

We want every item we provide to you to be “Picture Perfect” for your event.  Every item is thoroughly inspected and cleaned after each use.  We understand that things happen beyond the usual wear and tear, and we want all of our clients to enjoy as near to a perfect experience as possible. Motif charges a modest fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the total Rental Fee (the “Picture Perfect Charge”), which is indicated on the Rental Items List. This is not coverage for damage due to neglect or misuse (example: Rental Items left out in the rain uncovered and unprotected, or candle holders or lanterns with wax); nor does it waive liability for loss caused by abuse, vandalism, theft, unexplained disappearance, or shortages. All broken or damaged items must be saved and returned to Company for the waiver to apply.


Delivery charges are determined by location & total mileage, and do not include setup and tear down of your event.  Delivery is not included in the price of rentals.

If you need delivery, let us know the when’s and where’s, and we’ll send you a custom delivery quote.  We have two options for delivery: Hands Free or Hands on Deck.  Hands Free Delivery includes a fully staffed Motif Crew, arriving at pick up and drop off, responsible to unload and load the motif delivery vehicle without assistance (direction and presence of client is still required).  Our Hands on Deck Delivery requires just one Motif employee, and plenty of “hands on deck” to help with unloading and loading our rentals.  The Hands on Deck Delivery option is a reduced quote, requires direction and presence of the client, and plenty of hands to help in unloading our rentals at drop off, and loading our rentals at pick up.

We also now offer a Light Load Delivery Service.  For all smaller reservations that need local delivery, within 10 miles, we charge a modest $100 for delivery.  Just be flexible with delivery appointments, and have hands on deck to help unload and load your order.

When delivering our farm tables, the set up and tear down of the tables, may be included in your quote.  If your delivery quote includes the set up of your farm tables, this only includes the service of putting your tables in a standing position (because the legs are removable for transportation).  This does not include putting your tables in a set-up position, or styling them in any way.  If you delivery quote includes the tear down of your farm tables, this only include the service of removing the legs and storing them under the table top for transportation.  This service does not include clearing the tables.  All tables must be moved within reasonable distance from the delivery vehicle.  If you do not wish to have our Table Leg Service applied to your delivery, it can easily be removed.

Delivery fees are calculated based on delivery to a level area within 30 ft. from the delivery vehicle. Additional charges will be applied if the drop/off or pick/up is more than 30 ft. from the delivery vehicle, involves carrying items up or down stairs, up or down hills, or requires increased time or effort when dropping off or picking up rentals.

At the time of pickup, all rental items must be packed up and ready to be loaded at our scheduled pick up time.  Items should be in the same location in which they were delivered, unless prior alternate arrangements have been made. If items are not ready for pickup at the scheduled pickup time, additional hourly fees will be applied.  Tables must be cleared and cleaned off prior to arrival.


We understand that you may need to make changes to your reservation, especially when reserving early. If you wish to cancel a portion of your rentals, or make substitutions to your order, the total fee cannot decrease by more than 20% of your total reservation cost. We do not provide a refund for any cancellations of our farm tables or benches.  We do not provide any refunds for cancelled items, but accept substitutions when available.

Keep in mind that substitutions may not be an option, as other items may not be available for your event, as the number of each item in our inventory is limited, and many are one of a kind.

We do not provide any refunds for deposits made.


The customer is responsible for all rentals from the time of delivery until the time of pick-up. In the case of will call orders, the customer is responsible for all rentals from the time of pick-up until the items are returned. Your rentals are your responsibility, and should be kept secure and protected from the elements. You will be charged for any broken, damaged, or missing items, including missing equipment such as totes, crates, and packing supplies. Fees for broken, damaged, and missing items will be charged to the credit card on file. Replacement fees are assessed for each item in our inventory, and are available upon request.

Damaged or missing items must be reported prior to your event or the items will be considered received and in good condition.


For all will-call orders, we set up a pick-up and drop-off time, as we are at our store by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Our standard pick-up day is Friday, the week of your event at 11.  Our standard drop-off day is Monday, following your event, at 11.  If an alternate day/time is needed, it most likely can be arranged, but must be scheduled in advance.  If a client is more than twenty minutes late for an appointment, a $25 fee PER hour will be deducted from the security deposit.  Please be mindful that we are only at our store for appointments, so please try to keep your scheduled appointment times.  If something comes up, and plans need to change, please do your best to keep us informed so our schedule can be adjusted accordingly.


If your reservation includes larger items, make sure to bring a vehicle large enough to transport your rentals, and the man power to load/unload them.  For all wine barrel orders, a dolly will be supplied for you to use at no charge.  Feel free to take it along for use at your venue, just make sure to bring it back.