Cleaning Policies

All items must be returned in the condition that they were received; free of any greasy fingerprints, wax, flower debris, food and beverage residue, chalk, tape, etc.  All items in our inventory are unique, hard to find, vintage, or handmade, so please take care of them. Do your best to package all items back in original boxes and packaging.


Do not run any of the vases or decorated mason jars through the dishwasher.  Please carefully wash only the inside of the mason jars wrapped with burlap and lace, as well as the mason jars wrapped with twine, trying to keep the outside as dry as possible.  You can spot clean the lace and twine if needed with a damp cloth.  All hanging jars must also be cleaned by hand, keeping the raffia wrapped wire as dry as possible while cleaning.  Make sure all other jars and vases are cleaned thoroughly inside and out. If you are using jars for food/drink, please make sure that sugar crystals, fruit garnishes, & all sticky residue is removed & that they are dry before boxing up.  Make sure to dry all vases and jars by hand so they remain free of water spots.

Using Candles In Jars

If you plan on burning candles in the jars, you must put sand, pebbles, or water in as a base. Typically a 1/4 in. of water is plenty to puddle wax if it spills.  Remove any smoke residue or wax before returning.

Vintage Mason Jars

Only use flameless candles in vintage mason jars.  Do not burn candles in vintage mason jars, as they cannot handle the heat a candle gives off, and can explode!! Because they are not sanitized and also have rough edges around the rim, they are also unsuitable to drink from.  We do carry new mason jars and the blue anniversary collection mason jars that work great as an alternative.


All chalkboard items must be returned clean. If you plan on using a chalk-pen (liquid chalk) make sure to test your pen first, as all chalk pens are not created equal and some do stain the chalkboards. If a chalkboard needs to be re-painted, the rental price will be charged twice to cover the cost of repainting.

Burlap Tablecloths, Squares, Runners & Bunting

Do not put anything made out of burlap in the washing machine, as it will ruin the item.  If something does spill on the burlap items, blot the area with a damp sponge.  Do not rub the item, just blot gently, and then blot dry with a towel.  If the stain remains after you have tried to blot it clean, you will be charged the replacement value of the item.

Apothecary Jars & Drink Dispensers

All apothecary jars and drink dispensers must be washed by hand.  When washing drink dispensers, make sure to run warm water through the spout.  Dry the item completely before packaging back up.

Other Items & Tips

Do not immerse any wire baskets or items with wire into water to prevent rusting. Feel free to decorate/spruce up any of my items to fit your needs and wants.  If you choose to add any twine, string, fabric, etc., to any rentals, remove them completely before returning them.  If you are having trouble removing sticky residue, we recommend using “Goo Gone.” If you are trying to remove spilled wax, try freezing the item for an hour or two, no longer.  The wax should harden enough to pop off with a spoon or butter knife.