Vintage Slide Case

This little, vintage, slide box is such a great prop.  It’s tweed like surface is super charming, and very versatile.

Raw Wood Rounds

Assorted sizes and shapes, these raw, unfinished rounds make great rustic, country, woodland centerpieces, with vases, candle holders, greenery, etc.  Or use as a riser on your food,  sweets or cake ta...

Wood Box

Our next project has begun! We will be adding 30 of these to our inventory.  We ended up with a lot of extra bracing material after completing our farm tables and benches, so we decided to put it all t...

Vintage Books

Random selection of beautifully aged books.+  Over half of our collection features wedding/love inspired titles.  Perfect as a centerpiece, or used for risers in a display. Photo of books on shelf was ...

White Crates

Various sizes; white washed wooden crates.  Great to add height to any display.
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