Price: $35 each
Quantity: 12

Our wine barrel light stands are the perfect way to easily hang lights in your indoor or outdoor space.  Barrels come with a 9′ wood pole.  Pole includes top hook and clip to easily hang string lighting in your event space.  Wine barrel lighting stands double as a cocktail table.  Stools also available to rent.  Photos below of our light stands in use at EdenVale Winery.

*Please note that light stands can be placed up to 25′ apart.  Not all string lights will work with our stands, as some are way too heavy, and the barrels and poles will not support heavy, industrial strands of lights.  Our globe light strands work perfectly with our barrels.  They are 25′ long, and work as a great measurement tool to know how far to space your barrel light stands.  Our globe light strands rent for $7.50 each, and we have (20) strands in our inventory.  Note: Although not preferred, (6) of our barrel light stands can be used with a longer run, as they can be opened up, sandbags added, to maintain stability when placed further apart.

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